About the Author

Dr. Joseph Michelli has spent the majority of his life following his “true north”: helping people be of greater service to one another.  This passion for service and “otherness” has driven him to write over 7 books relating to elevating human experiences and bettering the world, one person, one leader, and one organization at a time. His professional journey as a customer experience consultant, combined with his doctorate in systems psychology, have formed the perfect cocktail of human experience and professional vision.

Joseph's bestselling business books profile "world class" experiential companies like Zappos, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Pike Place Fish Market and UCLA Health System.

Joseph can offer you and your colleagues deeper insights beyond those shared in Leading the Starbucks Way, as well as any of his other works. Whether it is through a customized keynote, workshop or direct consultation, Joseph will help you Lead the Starbucks Way in your workplace.

For more information about working directly with Joseph, please visit josephmichelli.com.

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